A Partnership to Solve Challenges in the Agri-Food Industry

How INO and Vineland Research and Innovation Center tackled human labour challenges with an autonomous cucumber harvesting robot.

The agricultural industry is facing challenges as a lack of human labor resources makes it difficult to harvest vegetables – and cucumber greenhouses are no exception. 

In order to develop a solution to harvest cucumbers as efficiently as a human, Vineland Research and Innovation Center recognized that an off-the-shelf vision system would not respond to the environmental challenges in a cucumber greenhouse. 

Together, INO and Vineland Research and Innovation Center worked on the development of the customized vision aspect of the harvesting system. 

Read this case study to learn more about:

  • the collaboration between INO and Vineland Research and Innovation Center;
  • the challenges faced;
  • the steps required for developing a viable solution.

Download the complete case study


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