Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS)

Client: Systèmes Pavemetrics inc.

Prevention and rehabilitation are crucial to effective road and highway management.

In order to help optimize road maintenance investments, we have developed the laser crack measurement system (LCMS) to monitor road surface conditions over time. Used in combination with a PMS (Pavement Management System), the LCMS system is a valuable tool that helps transport authorities prioritize rehabilitation work and optimize maintenance budgets by monitoring the condition of road networks over time.

The LCMS system employs high speed cameras, custom optics, and laser line projectors to acquire 2D images and high resolution 3D profiles of road surfaces that allow for automatic detection of cracks and the evaluation of macrotexture and other road surface features. Designed for both day and nighttime operation in all types of lighting conditions, the system is immune to sun and shadows and is capable of measuring pavement types ranging from concrete to dark asphalt. The LCMS can be operated at speeds of up to 100km/h on roads as wide as 4 m. Collected data is processed with INO’s automated analysis software. Distress analysis results can then be used in association with a PMS to take appropriate rehabilitative action.

The LCMS system automatically detects and analyzes cracks, lane markings, ruts, macrotexture, patches, and potholes. Cracks are classified as transverse, longitudinal, multiple, alligator and evaluated for severity, with measurements accurate to within 1 mm transversally and 0.5 mm for depth. The system has a sampling rate of 5,600 profiles per second, but uses data compression algorithms to minimize storage requirements. Other features include 4,000 point rutting (rut depth and width) and macrotexture detection in all five AASHTO bands (wheel paths, center lane, and lane edges).

For the domain of inspection of transportation's infrastructures, our exclusive client for the LCMS is Pavemetrics Systems inc