FastFBR Yb doped Fibers for Pulsed Lasers

Our polarization-maintaining ytterbium-doped optical fibers are designed to deliver outstanding beam quality, making them ideal for pulsed laser applications. 


FastFBR is a line polarization-maintaining fibers based on the INO low photodarkening core chemistry with a refractive index profile designed to ensure an excellent output beam quality. The FastFBR line is thus the perfect choice for pulsed fiber laser applications requiring long-term reliability and optimal output beam profile.

There is a FastFBR Yb-doped fibers for any amplification stage of your pulsed laser system:

Low to Medium Power

The Yb401-PM fiber is a single-clad and truly single-mode PM fiber featuring a 6.0 μm MFD @ 1064 nm, a core absorption of 140 dB/m @915nm. This fiber is well adapted for low power pulsed amplifiers pumped using single-mode laser diodes.

The Yb-MCOF-10/125-08-1.6-PM is a multi-clad PM fiber having a 10µm single-mode core and a cladding absorption of 1.6dB/m @915nm.

The Yb-DCOF-15/125-08-2.7-PM is a double-clad PM fiber having a 15µm core and a high cladding absorption of 2.7 dB/m @915nm.

High Power

The INO Multi-Clad Optical Fibers (MCOF) feature a confined core for selective amplification of the fundamental mode and a patented depressed cladding for enhanced suppression of higher order modes, offering an output M2 lower than 1.15, making it perfectly suited for applications requiring superior beam quality.  The INO multi-clad large-mode-area fibers feature a 35µm core with 0.07NA , a 250µm cladding and come in two versions:

The Yb-MCOF-35/250-07-0.9-PM, with an absorption of 0.9dB/m @ 915nm.

The Yb-MCOF-35/250-07-2.5-PM, with an absorption of 2.5dB/m @ 915nm.

Tapered Fiber

To reach the highest output power with an Yb-doped optical fiber for ultrafast laser applications, we offer the FastFBR taper:

The Yb-MCOF-35/250-56/400-07-2.2-T0.7-PM is a tapered fiber designed for an output M² lower than 1.2, making it the perfect choice for high power pulsed applications requiring superior beam quality. It features a confined core for selective gain amplification of the fundamental mode, and a patented depressed-cladding design for enhanced suppression of higher order modes. This tapered fiber has a linear absorption of 2.2 dB/m @915nm and an output core diameter of 56µm.


  • Designed for output M² lower than 1.2
  • Effective mode area ~ 1000 µm2
  • Low photodarkening
  • Polarization-maintaining fiber
  • Depressed cladding for enhanced higher-order mode filtering
  • Confined core for selective amplification of the fundamental mode

Available Yb-doped fibers

Available fibers with their characteristics are shown below. Click on the name of the fiber for a complete list of specifications.

Main specifications

Tapered fiber 2.2dB/m Yb401-PM Yb-MCOF-10/125-08-1.6-PM Yb-DCOF-15/125-08-2.7-PM Yb-MCOF-35/250-07-0.9-PM Yb-MCOF-35/250-07-2.5-PM
Optical cladding Mutilple Single Multiple Double Multiple Multiple
Core diameter 35/56 µm 5 µm 10 µm 15 µm 35 µm 35 µm
Cladding diameter 250/400 µm 125 µm 125 125 µm 250 µm 250 µm
Core NA 0.07 0.14 0.08 µm 0.08 0.07 0.07
Absorption at 915 nm 2.2 dB/m 140 dB/m 1.6 dB/m 2.7 dB/m 0.9 dB/m 2.5 dB/m
Price per meter, 1 to 9 m N.D $US 250 $US 200 $US 420 $US 425 $US 550






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