The Yb-MCOF-35/250-07-2.5-PM is a multi-clad PM fiber with a core diameter of 35 µm, designed for M² lower than 1.15.


This fiber features a confined core for selective gain amplification of the fundamental mode and depressed cladding for enhanced suppression of higher order modes, making it perfectly suited for applications requiring superior beam quality.


  • Low photodarkening core glass host
  • Birefringent fiber
  • Confined core for selective gain amplification


  • Material processing
  • Frequency conversion
  • Range finding
  • Biophotonics

Main specifications

Optical Properties

Core NA 0.07 ± 0.01
Cladding NA > 0.47
Pump guide absorption @ 915 nm 2.5 ± 0.5 dB/m
Nominal pump guide absorption @ 975 nm 10.0 dB/m
Birefringence ≥ 1.4 x 10-4
Beam quality factor M2 < 1.15

Physical Properties

Optical Cladding Multi
Core diameter 35 ± 3 µm
Silica cladding diameter 250 ± 5 µm
Coating diameter 390 ± 20 µm
Cladding geometry Round
Screen proof tested ≥ 100 kpsi
Recommended coiling diameter ≥ 14 cm
Confined core Yes
Depressed cladding Yes
Price per meter, 1 to 9 meters (in USD)* $550
*Price may vary depending on quantity ordered.
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