We bring technologies to the industry that break new ground for innovation and performance.

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Optical thin films

Our expertise in fabricating optical thin films is the product of thirty years of experience.

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Thin film deposition of hermetic solder layers

Solder layers consist of a stack of gold, nickel, and chrome films deposited onto specific areas around a window. This stack of metals makes it possible to hermetically solder the window to its package to maintain the functional integrity of the FPA, the detector, or the sensor. 

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Infrared Bolometric Detectors

We have built a solid reputation in the field of uncooled vanadium oxide infrared detectors.

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Gold Black Deposition

We offer custom black gold deposition and patterning services.

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MEMS Packaging Services

We offer custom packaging services for MEMS/MOEMS devices. We have developed a variety of hermetic vacuum packaging technologies to optimize the performance of your MEMS according to your needs.

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MEMS Foundry Services

We offer a complete range of foundry services for the microfabrication of chips on silicon wafers.

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Printed electronics (printed photonics)

From the radio labels (aka RFID labels) used on objects of all kinds to smart watches and bracelets, devices incorporating printed electronics are growing increasingly common. Printed electronics boast many beneficial properties; they’re inexpensive, ultrathin, flexible, washable, wearable, disposable, and non-toxic.

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