Optical design

Whether you’re looking for a quick consultation on the best lens for an application or a full-blown complex optical system fabricated to your specifications, we can help.

As experts in finding effective solutions, our optical designers take pride in meeting the specific needs of each client.

We draw on our in-depth knowledge of the properties of light and materials to develop state-of-the-art optical systems. Our expertise extends beyond the visible spectrum to the ultraviolet, infrared, and terahertz range.

We offer a complete line of services ranging from simple consultations to custom design of optical systems tailored to your exact specifications. Our experts will guide you through the optic design process for lenses, zooms, telescopes, imaging devices, high-power laser projectors, lamp and LED lighting systems, imaging spectrometers, biomedical optic devices, or any other optical device.

From optical design and mechanical engineering to optical assembly and alignment, prototyping, optical characterization, and short production runs, we’re experts in every facet of optical engineering. Our optical design and optomechanics teams have a perfect grasp of fabrication and assembly tolerance analysis. We’ve spent the last three decades developing tools that facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing us to deliver integrated, coherent solutions at competitive prices.

In addition to optical design, we also offer optical metrology. Our optical measurement and characterization services for components and systems cover many different types of characterization. We also provide environmental testing services, including temperature, humidity, vacuum, shock, and vibration testing.

Our services are suitable for a wide range of applications: industrial inspection, security and surveillance, biomedicine, artificial vision, remote sensing, aerospace, military systems, astronomy, and more. We use state-of-the-art optical design and analysis software such as Zemax OpticStudio, TracePro, and VirtualLab Fusion to create integrated optomechanical solutions that deliver optimal performance at minimal cost. Our extensive array of cutting-edge equipment allows us to accurately align and rigorously test the optical systems developed by our clients.

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