Optomechanical Design

Optomechanics is the field of mechanical engineering dedicated to the assembly of optical components. What sets it apart from the broader field of mechanical design is its focus on the distortion of assemblies rather than their inherent constraints.

At INO, you can count on working with a solid team of optomechanical experts eager to help with everything from consulting to complete turnkey design. Over the years, we’ve developed a number of innovative tools and approaches that allow us to deliver the best solutions at very competitive prices:

  • Optical component assembly with stable and robust alignment mechanisms (telescopes, spectrometers, illumination systems, laser sources) for hostile environments (dust, vacuum, UV, radiation, intense vibrations, extreme temperatures)
  • Design of weight-optimized optomechanical structures using new materials, including composite materials
  • Development of optical component assembly techniques offering good dimensional stability
  • Passive and active athermalization
  • Electronic packaging, including electrostatic dissipation (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI), heat dissipation, and temperature control
  • Selection of the best adhesives and suitable application techniques
  • Complex tolerance analysis using our proprietary Monte Carlo analysis software, designed for optomechanical applications
  • Miniature optic optical bench design
  • Numerical simulations
  • Design of sterilization‑ready optical assemblies
  • Standards (MIL-STD, FOTP, ESA, and others)

Whether for applications in industrial inspection, security and surveillance, biomedicine, digital vision, remote detection, aerospace, or military or astronomic systems, our robust solutions are designed to withstand the most punishing environments. We stay up-to-date with all the latest technological advances in dimensional stability, including the use of new materials to dissipate heat. We work with powerful optical design and optomechanics software such as Creo Parametric, ANSYS, SIGFIT, Zemax Optic Studio, and others to predict performance and keep financial risks associated with R&D to a minimum.

With nearly every photonics specialty under the same roof, we have the resources to deliver truly optimal solutions to our clients. We can assist you at every phase of your project from design to assembly, including with  optical design, optomechanical design, optical alignment, performance characterization, prototyping, and short-run production.

We can also perform environmental testing, including temperature, humidity, vacuum, shock, and vibration testing. These tests are essential for quality control; land, sea, and air transportation simulations; accelerated aging simulations; resonance frequency searches; specifications and standards compliance testing; and product qualification testing.