Case Studies

INO Case Study Vineland Research and Innovation Center

A Partnership to Solve Challenges in the Agri-Food Industry

How INO and Vineland Research and Innovation Center tackled human labour challenges with an autonomous cucumber harvesting robot.

INO Case Study Patates Dolbec

Detecting Colorado Potato Beetle Outbreaks to Treat Only Infected Areas.

How INO and Patates Dolbec Intend to Reduce Insecticide Use by 25% in the Field.

INO Case Study Picketa

Development of a Portable Spectrometer to Analyze Potato Plant Nutrient Deficiencies

How Picketa leverages INO’s expertise for more efficient proof-of-concept development. 

INO Case Study Lapalme Conception Mécanique

An Intelligent Vision System for Guiding Harvesting Robots in the Fields

How Lapalme Groupe Conception Mécanique developed a robot to automate broccoli harvesting.

INO QuickPOZ optomechanical mounts

QuickPOZ Self-Positioning Mounts for the Detection of Benzene

By using this unique genre of optomechanical mounts, INO has accelerated the development of an accurate and robust optical prototype.

INO Case Study Tornado Spectral Systems

Accuracy and Robustness for Hostile Environments

How INO used its optical and optomechanical toolbox to assist Tornado Spectral Systems in the development of the Hudson 785 Raman probe.

INO Case Study Intellijoint Surgical

Custom Medical Devices: Transforming Ideas into Certified Products

How INO has supported Intellijoint Surgical in its development of the innovative Intellijoint HIP® product

INO Case Study Flyscan

Detect Oil Leaks Upon the First Drop

Flyscan and INO are pushing the boundaries of oil leak detection systems thanks to an airborne pipeline monitoring system. (2020)