A customized LED UVA Illuminator

How Cerus Corporation has partnered with INO to develop a UVA illuminator to inactivate pathogens in blood components for transfusion.

Cerus Corporation is dedicated to safeguarding the world’s blood supply and aims to become the preeminent global blood products company. The company develops and supplies vital technologies and pathogen-protected blood components to blood centres, hospitals and, ultimately, patients who rely on safe blood.

The existing INTERCEPT® Blood system employs filtered UVA light from fluorescent lamps. Due to anticipated risks related to the availability of these lamps (supply chain, environmental), as well as potential benefits associated with light-emitting diode (LED) sources, Cerus has partnered with INO to develop a new generation of their INTERCEPT® Blood System’s illuminator based on LEDs.

Learn more about:

  • the collaboration between INO and Cerus;
  • the challenges faced;
  • the steps required for developing a viable solution.

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