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UV LED based gas correlation spectrometer of aromatics for the standoff detection of industrials spills and emissions

Recent developments in UV LEDs allows for simple techniques in the detection of aromatics, benzene and toluene in particular. In this paper, learn more about various implementations of standoff benzene/toluene detection using UV LEDs and gas correlation and the pros and cons of the technique.

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Synthetic aperture lidar as a future tool for earth observation

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is a critical tool for Earth observation as it provides day and night capabilities in numerous weather conditions. We propose in this paper to use the synthetic aperture lidar (SAL) which is based on the same basic principles as SAR but provides a higher resolution. The SAL system can be made more compact than SAR opening the door to deployment onboard small satellites, airborne platforms and unmanned air vehicles. Discover the results obtained with a SAL laboratory prototype along with the potential applications for Earth observation.

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Airborne pipeline leak detection: UV or IR?

Discover in this paper different approaches to the measurement of the above ground vapor plume created by the spill caused by a small 0.1 l/min (or less) leak in an underground liquid petroleum pipeline.

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