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*This is not an exhaustive list of technical papers written by INO experts.*

Portable LWIR hyperspectral imager based on MEMS Fabry-Perot interferometer and broadband microbolometric detector array

The consumer electronics market of connected and wearable devices is growing rapidly and offers a wide range of new applications. INO developed a compact, portable, Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) hyperspectral imager based on our MICROXCAM-384 camera with an uncooled bolometric and a MEMS tunable Fabry-Pérot Interferometer (FPI) to allow the application to work at lower spectral wavelengths. Read more about this LWIR configuration of the imaging spectrometer in this paper.

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Customized packaged bolometers in niche applications at INO

INO has been developing bolometers for several years. In this paper, learn more about the customization of packaged bolometers, their applications, and the evolution of INO’s bolometer packages.

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Small uncooled bolometers with a broad spectral response

At INO, we fabricate uncooled bolometers used in different applications. This paper presents the infrared spectral responses of 17 and 35 μm uncooled bolometers.

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Wideband response of a terahertz-millimeter imager based on a 384x288 pixel uncooled bolometric detector

In this paper, learn more about INO’s NIRST (New Infra-Red Sensor Technology), an imager based on uncooled bolometers. This technology is suitable for earth observation as it monitors high temperature events on the ground related to fires and volcanic events and will measure their physical parameters and take measurements of sea surface temperatures.

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Novel vacuum packaged 384×288 broadband bolometer FPA with enhanced absorption in 3-14μm wavelength range

In this paper, learn more about the development of a fully packaged focal plane array of broadband microbolometers using a gold black thin film to expand its absorption range.

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