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Improved photoacoustic dosimetry for retinal laser surgery

For years now, lasers have been used for different medical interventions especially in ocular procedures. In these procedures, laser photocoagulation is well established, and efforts are made to reduce collateral damage from thermal diffusion with a novel treatment using shorter laser pulses. To be widely used, these techniques require a method to ensure safe but sufficient dosage of laser pulses. In this paper, we present a method that takes advantage of temporal pulse formatting technology to minimize variation in absorbed dose in ophthalmic laser treatment and provide intelligent dosimetry feedback based on photoacoustic (PA) response.

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New fiber-based approaches for optical biopsy (Conference Presentation)

Discover INO’s new concept of using fibers for optical biopsy aimed at solving problems such as quality control, complexity costs and limiting background noise in this paper.

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Surgical instrument biocontaminant fluorescence detection in ambient lighting conditions for hospital reprocessing and sterilization department (Conference Presentation)

In this paper, learn how INO developed a portable technology for the detection of contaminants on surgical instruments through fluorescence following cleaning with potential applications in the forensics, agro-food, and space fields. The key element of this system is that it works in ambient lighting conditions.

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