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NEP characterization and analysis method for THz imaging devices

The interest for see-through devices has grown in different market applications and the development of Terahertz (THz) imagers has progressed to satisfy those needs over the last decade. To achieve better estimation of the performance of the imaging device, it is important to have a clear understanding of the characterization method used to calculate the noise-equivalent power (NEP). Discover the NEP characterizations of INO’s Microxcam-384i camera in this paper.

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Terahertz imaging of large objects with high resolution

For more than 30 years INO has been developing a THz imaging system used particularly in the domain of security screening of individuals and non-destructive inspection of objects. It can provide insight on objects that we cannot see with the naked eye or from the infrared cameras. Discover the potential of our THz imaging system in this paper.

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Subwavelength imaging challenges in the infrared and THz wavebands

Interest in subwavelength has increased in multiple fields. INO’s activities with involving the infrared and THz wavebands show that it is possible to help with the challenges of subwavelength and obtain higher imaging system performance. In this paper, learn more about INO’s research aspects to be considered, obtained results and key issues that remain to be addressed.

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Wideband response of a terahertz-millimeter imager based on a 384x288 pixel uncooled bolometric detector

In this paper, learn more about INO’s NIRST (New Infra-Red Sensor Technology), an imager based on uncooled bolometers. This technology is suitable for earth observation as it monitors high temperature events on the ground related to fires and volcanic events and will measure their physical parameters and take measurements of sea surface temperatures.

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Reflection imaging in the millimeter-wave range using a video-rate terahertz camera

Numerous applications such as body scanning, building inspection and seeing in degraded visual environments, depend on the ability of millimeter waves to penetrate through dense materials. In this paper, discover the capabilities of INO’s terahertz camera for reflection imaging at millimeter wavelengths.

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A compact THz imaging set-up at 750 microns

Terahertz imagers can use the advances in the infrared domain in order to reduce the cost and size. Counter to IR systems, THz systems must include a source, and this influences overall imaging system size and cost. In this paper, a description of a compact real-time imaging system at 750 μm wavelength will be presented, as well as an overview of the motivation for the wavelength choice, a description of the imaging components is given, and image results are presented

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