Vision systems for Timber Grading

Client : Autolog
Industries: Advanced Manufacturing


INO has developed a vision system for Autolog designed to grade timber as it is fed through sawmill planers. The assignment was to develop a system that automatically identifies the location and size of wood knots.


We developed imaging heads composed of line scan cameras and LED lighting modules as well as software for the real-time acquisition and processing of the wood board images. The system can automatically identify the location and size of knots at speeds of up to 3,000 sq. ft. of wood surface per minute with a resolution of 1/64 in. This system enables sawmills to increase wood production and quality, while reducing the amount of raw materials consumed. Autolog systems generally offer a return on investment in less than one year.


Other wood inspection systems were developed using spectral analysis sensors for rot detection, color classification of oak wood planks, and sapwood detection. For this system, compact optical heads were developed using fiber optics to bring light to and collect light from wood samples for the spectral analysis.

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