VISI+ Visibility Enhancement System


In the mining sector, decreased visibility caused by smoke, dust, fog, and snow is a major issue that impedes mine and rescue operations and can endanger workers. In an accident situation, mine rescue workers must move quickly. Not many visibility enhancement systems that facilitate quick responses are currently available, and they are effective only in limited circumstances.

  • VISI+ System
  • VISI+ System
  • Standard Camera Vs VISI+
  • VISI+ System


INO has developed VISI+, a vision system for vehicles that is more versatile than the systems currently used in the mining sector. The system improves visibility in a variety of conditions, such as blizzards on ice roads, fog in open-pit mines, and rescue operations in smoky galleries. Not only is it durable, VISI+ is also easy to install and maintain. INO’s supervision of software development and equipment integration, as well as the company’s close collaboration with its partners in the mining sector, is the key to this project’s success. INO’s competitive edge lies in its wide variety of expertise, technology, and intellectual property, enabling it to innovate and excel.


VISI+ is now a success, thanks to all our partners:

  • SOREDEM - Société de Recherche et Développement Minier
  • ÖXX Technologies
  • Québec International
  • CSST - Comission de Santé et Sécurité au Travail
  • Zetec
  • Agnico-Eagle
  • Xstrata Nickel - Mine Raglan
  • Groupe MISA
  • MDEIE - Ministère du Développement Économique, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation

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