Lighting to optimize photosynthesis

Through the optimal use of natural sunlight and artificial lighting elements such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs), INO has created lighting systems that meet various illumination requirements: distribution of light within the cultivation volume, spectral content, temporal behavior (pulse length and duty cycle) of illumination, and more. This makes it possible to maximize use of the energy available and useful to photosynthesis, while reducing harmful side effects.

Using an experimentally proven modeling method, we offer innovative solutions capable of producing the desired lighting and providing real-time control based on the metabolic evolution of plants or microalgae or the specific requirements of your application.

Our premium quality adapted lighting systems deliver reliable and effective performance for both land-based plant cultivation and water-based microalgae cultivation in greenhouses, open ponds, or photobioreactors. We help our clients get the most out of their cultivation system by designing and fabricating custom lighting elements tailored to their specifications.

Our expertise: Custom lighting systems

  • Use of natural sunlight (Optical elements for collecting and distributing light)

  • Artificial lighting elements (Complete modules for generating and distributing light)

  • Spectral content control (Passive or active elements for producing the desired spectrum)

  • Real-time control (Real-time control of lighting features)

Our strength: Custom-tailored solutions for growing systems (open or photobioreactors)

We have the optical system design expertise and fabrication capabilities to meet all of our clients’ needs.

Fields of application:

  • Plant production (including micro-algaes)

  • Biodiesel production

  • CO2 capture

  • Production of specific molecules (HVAP)

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Soil remediation


Our turnkey lighting system solutions draw on our expertise in modeling and optical design for using natural and artificial light, in optomechanical and the fabrication of optical components and lighting modules. Our engineers’ capabilities also extend to power circuit and control system.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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